Al-Atlal Investment Company

Al-Atlal Investment Company is one of our main Companies that provides logistic and financial support to all other sisters’ Companies within Bahrani Group. Al Atlal deals directly with a variety of suppliers on the international level as it provides a single point-of-contact for import/export services that aids our  companies & provide the best solutions possible to manage their supply chain needs. Our import/export services are built by a highly trained & specialist team with expertise in import and export that can provide all the support required by our Companies on a daily operation to finance our purchases and aid in the supply chain on all transportation aspects like airfreight, ocean & land services.

Gulf Insulation Company Is considered a pioneer in its field in Iraq and the Middle East. We focus on manufacturing insulating boards, cold boxes, storage boxes, decorative items, and packaging products.

Our brand “Isofoam” has been in the market since 1965. We are proud to consider ourselves as the first company in Iraq to manufacture insulation materials.  With over 45 years in the ICF and insulation industry, we are the leading company in our markets.

We strive to bring the highest quality products to architects, engineers, general Contractors, builders and owners. We are proud of many successful partnerships, and at having played an integral role in the construction field in the country.

Our customers are our top priority, and we have supplied them with product solutions, innovative technology, and exceptional customer service for over 3 decades.

Western Breeze Company Founded in 2004 to focus on the segments of foodservice, home appliances, and air-conditioning systems. We sell several international brand named products as well as products under our own “Western” brand.

  • 2005-2009: Carrier RAC Authorized distributor.
  • 2008-2018: AUX RAC Exclusive Agents in Iraq.
  • 2016 -2021: RAC Western Brand on OEM bases with many global manufacturers.
  • 2004-2016: Home appliances with many international brands including Western and Thuraya. A range of products including refrigerators, TV’s, chest freezers, electrical heaters, twin tub washing machines, water dispensers, fans, satellite and TV receivers.
  • 2013-2021: Foodservice, ice cream ingredients, coffee makers, espresso machines, and juice makers.

    We are delivering full service support to our customers from A to Z… We supply them with all the required equipment and ingredients to help them succeed in their businesses. 

Tariq Foods Company was established in 1997. The company covers the Iraqi market through retail and wholesale outlets, and through a network of authorized agents. The basket of products that the company supplies to the Iraqi market is a group of sauces with a very well-known brand “Hello” such as sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise, texas, garlic dip, vinegar, jams, flour, salt and others where some of them are produced in Iraq factory while others are produced in our factory in Jordan, and some other products are imported.
All the raw materials that we use are imported from famous international brands, and all Hello products are distinguished by the high quality that meets the needs of the Iraqi citizen. The company is interested in all business sectors in terms of providing products suitable for each sector, such as the catering sector For restaurants, hotels, cafes, etc., as well as the supermarket sector.  Our products are packed in different sizes (small, medium and large). The company cares greatly about consumer health by paying attention to high quality and most of our products are gluten-free that can covers all segments of the society. The company is in continuous development, as a number of products are added annually, whether in Iraq or via our company in Jordan.

Gulf International Packaging Company was established in 2007 to satisfy a real need in the foodservice marketplace for high quality foam plastic packaging. We are committed to providing our customers with higher quality products, better service, and improved product designs.

GIPAK is an active arm operating under the umbrella of the well – established Bahrani Group which traces its history back to 1925 and is involved in manufacturing and trading businesses in the food, consumer goods, packaging, building materials, construction, and electrical & electronic appliances. Bahrani Group is one of the most innovative industrial groups in the region, applying new technologies, system, and techniques in its business and management practices.

Building on its solid reputation of high quality, excellent service, and fast response, GIPAK designs and manufactures packaging for foodservice, catering, fruit, vegetable products, meat, poultry, fish, cheese, egg, and bakery applications, which have enabled GIPAK to become a major exporter to many countries in the Middle East and North Africa. We have also recently launched new innovative products such as high absorbent trays that provide real competitive advantage to the companies that use them.

Ismaani Center  empowering kids with hearing loss. It has grown over the years to provide service to over 100 families each year. At the Ismaani center, children with all levels of hearing loss are learning to listen and use spoken language to communicate with their family members, friends and community

The Center is managed by an educational supervisor who is a specialist in the field of special needs care and rehabilitation, with more than thirty years of experience inside and outside the country. 

Trans Iraq Company is part of Bahrani Group. It provides it’s services as an exclusive agent in Iraq for many well-known international brands like the Italian company FABBRI for ice cream, juices and pastries.

The company also conducts training courses in the presence of the best Italian chefs to provide an opportunity to learn how to make Italian gelato step by step.

The largest food distribution company, Trans Iraq, dedicates its services across Iraq to distribute food products that are certified by international certificates of health.

Gulf Food Products Company stands long and strong with its flag brand HELLO. “Say Hello to Quality” is not just a slogan, it is a promise that we keep close to our hearts, to deliver the best experience ever to our customers in all phases of producing the product.

Hello’s products cover a variety of food and condiments that are found in kitchens, pantries and tables all over the world.

Primarily, we produce high quality jams & marmalades, fruit preserves, tomato pastes, ketchup, sauces for steak, pizza & spaghetti, vinegar and mayonnaise, for which there is high global demand.

Some of Our Global Suppliers in Horeca Sectors